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My name is Christina Blackwell, and I am a family photographer in the Northwestern Virginia area. You will catch me with my camera nearly everywhere I go and photographing just about anything from beautiful sunsets to a child’s reflection in a puddle of water. Capturing life through my lens…it has a special meaning to me.

Lifetime…Life…Life starts out simple…a moment where we learn our ABC’s, tie our shoes, ride a bike, and build relationships.
Life starts out with a child learning what it really means to smile, what it means to think and process their own ideas, what it means to be …. Me.
They grow and change so quickly, yearly, monthly, daily, by the minute. New stages and phases…each one with a new memory and a new child…older…minute by minute.
I capture the essence of a child not through my camera but through their hearts. My lens is just a tool…like pencil and paper to capture the moment, the stage, and the laughter…the memory. The moments fade so quickly…many forgotten because they are overshadowed by the next big moment. A photograph can preserve those memories for ages to come …not just for you… but for them. They can have a photographic documentary of the many memories throughout their lives at different points… ones overlooked…over shadowed.
This is what photo documentary does. It captures the moment…the smile…the frown…the excitement…the tears…the amazement and wonder of who they are and what they think and even more than that – it is a moment captured that will showcase their beauty both inside and out that will stand the test of time.
Take your child’s photograph one step further and document the moment…document it in such a way that the moment will always be treasured…loved…and never forgotten!


So, I’ve created this website to chronicle my photography, my journey, and to reach out to those that might need a photographer who works with a different deeper than capturing a snapshot. I’d be thrilled if you made me your photographer of choice for any event or photograph that you wish to take, moment you want to preserve, expression frozen in time…this is what I do…I capture life and freeze it – not just for our generation…but for our children’s.

Please browse the website, take a look at examples of my work, and contact me at 434-207-8876 to schedule a session soon!

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